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Membership Dinner & Elections Approaching; Board Position Nominees Announced

Membership Dinner & Elections Approaching; Board Position Nominees Announced

The Annual Membership Dinner and Board Elections are right around the corner!  To thank all of its members for a terrific summer, WCSC cordially invites you to come and enjoy a delicious meal with fellow members and friends this Saturday, August 27, 5:00 – 8:00 pm. Catered by Pit Beef Express, check out this menu: Pit beef, pulled pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, campfire beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and more!

TIME CHANGE NOTICE:  We want everyone to enjoy their food – but where there’s food, there are bees these days.  The time of the dinner was pushed back in hopes that the bees would all be in bed by the time food is served! The election will still take place from 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

During the dinner you will also get the State of the WCSC from President Frank Varrone.

Bios for nominees for the available Board positions are below.  Open positions: President, Swim Team Representative, Membership, and one Facilities position.


Frank Varrone  (Incumbent)  (Unopposed)
Current President of Waugh Chapel Swim Club.  Frank has been on the Board of Directors for the last 5 years and enjoys spending weekends at the pool.  Frank loves that WCSC has such a family atmosphere and enjoys watching the members having a good time at the pool.  Frank is also a former Men and Women’s sports official for Maryland.  Frank looks forward to serving the members as President.


Paul Walker  (Incumbent)  (Unopposed)
Private Organization Service:
Membership Director, Waugh Chapel Swim Club (2 years)
President, Jacksonville (Florida) Track Club (2 years)
Board Member and Secretary, Tidewater Striders (4 years)

Coach, GORC Baseball (2013-16)
Coach, Arundel Soccer Association (2012-13)

Professional Training:  Lawyer; Retired Naval Officer
Personal Statement:  I have served as the Membership Director for WCSC the last two years and have found my time on the Board of Directors very rewarding.  It gives me great pleasure to facilitate the transfer of memberships to new families, often with younger children.  I have continued to maintain a wait list of those seeking memberships and adhere to it fairly strictly; I don’t play favorites, but I am fair. My time in the Navy has been invaluable in providing me the necessary discipline and organizational skills to direct the membership operations of the Swim Club.  I continue to feel strongly that responsive customer service on the front end of joining the Swim Club will lead to a better experience for all new members.  That was the experience I had when I joined and I want to ensure that others have the same experience in the future.


Bob Nolte  (Incumbent)  (Unopposed)
Bob has been the current Swim Team Rep for the past two years.  Bob attends monthly CMSL meetings to ensure our swim team has all the latest news.  Bob also puts in countless hours making sure all the needs of the swim team and coaches are met.  Bob looks forward to watching the WCSC swim team have another successful season.


Nominee 1: Joe McCampbell
I have worked in construction and facilities management for the past 25+ years.  I was a hands on owner/operator of a residential/commercial construction company for 10 of those years.

I am currently a senior construction project manager responsible for coordinating various types of construction and facilities maintenance projects including budgeting, material procurement, scheduling, and personnel coordination at a high profile government building.

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Nominee 2: Jeff Madison
I feel my qualifications for position of Facilities align with other positions I’ve held within the community.
Family Member of the pool since 2003.

Working in Law Enforcement for 26 years leading personnel, scheduling, and acquiring equipment.

I have coached and/or managed highly competitive soccer teams in the Gambrills area for over 16 years.  My responsibilities included arranging tournaments, scheduling, purchasing uniforms/equipment, recruitment of players and managing all funds.

Served as President of the Arundel HS Boosters from 2009-2013.  During my tenure, I was responsible for coordinating and arranging funds for the new lights, grill hood with exhaust and paving of the walkways within Carrol Field.  This project took over 3 years to secure the funds from the county and state; as well as additional funds raised by the Boosters.

During my tenure as President, I dealt with school faculty, other parent organizations and team parents to purchase several items for both the school and teams such as:  new mats for wrestling, several pieces of training equipment for the Golf team, a container for the Girls Softball team, and several other items.

Additionally, I am skilled in routine maintenance.  I’ve built sheds, fences, framed rooms, and finished basements.  I also build custom corn hole boards.

I look forward to an opportunity to serve a co-lead for Facilities of Waugh Chapel Swim Club.

Operating Season

Open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, weather permitting. Sometimes we stay open for one extra weekend – but not during the week following Labor Day. No guarantees though! Each summer that can change.

Regular Summer Hours:

Sun – Thurs 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Fri – Sat 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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WCSC boasts championship teams for both swim and dive.  We encourage you to get your kids involved – registration occurs at the start of every summer. We also have great basketball and tennis courts.

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