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Waugh Chapel Swim Club Board of Directors Elections 2017


Announcing the 2017 BOD Nominees!

The following individuals were nominated by another member and/or chose to run for a position on the WCSC Board of Directors. Below are the bios for each individual. Elections take place next Saturday, Aug. 26, during the Membership Dinner (4-7pm). Cast your ballot between 4-6 pm.  Voting ends promptly at 6pm.

Here are some notes to keep in mind in reviewing the nominees for this year’s available positions

  • Vice President – there are two candidates running – the incumbent and one new nominee
  • Facilities – there are two candidates running – the incumbent and one new nominee
  • Socials Director – incumbent running, unopposed
  • Communications Director – one candidate running, unopposed
  • Dive Director – incumbent running, unopposed

POSITION: Vice President – Two (2) Candidates

Phelps Prescott (Incumbent) – Running for Vice President

  • Member of the pool since 1996
  • Teacher at Arundel High School since 1999
  • Managed the pool from 1997-1999
  • Current Vice-President of WCSC since September 2015

I have been Vice-President of WCSC for the last two seasons.  I have enjoyed being a part of a successful team bringing new ideas and projects to the pool. In my role as Vice President, I brought the idea of the flag pole, I oversee the lifeguard staff and take an active role in monitoring the  security cameras on a daily basis. The pool looks as good as it’s ever looked, the lifeguard staff is one of the best we’ve ever had and the overall satisfaction of the members is at a high level. Having a board member at the pool almost on a daily basis, and most who know me as a teacher, has also contributed to a higher level of behavior of our younger members. I believe my contributions and frequent presence have fostered a safer, cleaner and more family and community-oriented atmosphere at WCSC. 

I am active in the Four Seasons Community, a Social Studies Teacher at Arundel High, and have been a member of the pool for over 20 years.  I enjoy being at the pool with my children, Brian and Michelle, almost daily.  I am also active on the Dive  Team and the Central Maryland Dive League.  My wife, Wendy, is the in house artist for paint nights and is supportive of my role as Vice President – she often works alongside with other Board members helping plan and execute many of the fun events hosted at the pool. We enjoy the pool as a family and would like to continue making it a great place for all families.  Therefore, I would appreciate your vote for Vice President of the Waugh Chapel Swim Club.  Thank you. 

Jeff Paquette – Running for Vice President

Hello everyone! My name is Jeff Paquette and I was raised in Palm Bay, Fla., where I joined the U.S. Coast Guard after graduating Melbourne High School in 1997. With over 19 years of service, I have been in a myriad of leadership roles, fiscal management responsibility billets, as well as many command duty positions. Most recently (2012-2017), I oversaw over 500,000 hours of vessel operations around the globe, collaborated with other services to support high profile missions, managed an annual inventory of $15 million, mentored hundreds of aspiring members, and lastly was the single point of logistical/engineering accountability for 174 vessels, each worth $2.25 million.

Since moving to Maryland in 2012, I have been an active member of the community where I have volunteered many hours to youth organizations. Here I have been a head coach and assistant coach for several GORC teams for both my son and daughter. Also, I volunteered as an assistant coach for an ASA youth soccer team.

Furthermore, I have participated in partnership in education opportunities where I judged science fair projects in Crofton, participated in school field days, chaperoned field trips and drown-proofing days, and participated in Waugh Chapel Elementary’s Watch Dog Program.

I look forward to the opportunity serve the members and friends of Waugh Chapel Swim Club where I believe we can maintain the upward trend of community bonding and a positive family environment that the patrons of the pool foster. My wife Leah and I have two children, Tyler (12) and Ana (10) who are both on the swim team and are regulars at the pool since we live in the adjoining neighborhood.

POSITION: Facilities – Two (2) Candidates

Dave Mogel (Incumbent) – Running for Facilities

Hello, my name is Dave Mogel and I have am the current facilities Board  Member. I have held this position for the last 6 years.  As the facilities board member me and my team are responsible for the many great changes you see at the pool every year.this year is a busy one, we have new lounge chairs ,umbrellas, kitchen equipment, volleyball court improvements and a playground just to mention a few things. I take pride in the pool and want to make it better every year for all to enjoy and I thank you for your vote 

Jeff Madison – Running for Facilities

I feel my qualifications for position of co-lead of Facilities aligns with other positions I’ve held within the community.

  • Family Member of the pool since 2003 (1973-Bond -Radford).
  • Working in Law Enforcement for 27 years leading personnel, scheduling, and acquiring equipment.
  • I have coached and/or managed highly competitive soccer teams in the Gambrills area for over 16 years.  My responsibilities included arranging tournaments, scheduling, purchasing uniforms/equipment, recruitment of players and managing all funds.
  • Served as President of the Arundel HS Boosters from 2009-2013.  During my tenure, I was responsible for coordinating and arranging funds for the new lights, grill hood with exhaust and paving of the walkways within Carrol Field.  This project took over 3 years to secure the funds from the county and state; as well as additional funds raised by the Boosters.

During my tenure as President, I dealt with school faculty, other parent organizations and team parents to purchase several items for both the school and teams such as:  new mats for wrestling, several pieces of training equipment for the Golf team, a container for the Girls Softball team, and several other items.

Additionally, I am skilled in routine maintenance.  I’ve built sheds, fences, framed rooms, and finished basements.

POSITION: Socials Director – One (1) Candidate

Meredith Long (Incumbent and Unopposed)

My name is Meredith Long and I have served as the Socials Director for the Waugh Chapel Swim Club (WCSC) for the past six pool seasons.  In this role, I have had the pleasure of planning and implementing all the social activities at the pool.

Some of the activities I have organized include:

  • Craft days for kids
  • Movie Night
  • Teen/Tween Night
  • Wine in the Woods
  • Annual Crab Feast
  • Paint Night
  • Annual Luau
  • Aqua Fitness Classes
  • Birthday and Team Parties

The social activities I have implemented over the past six years have grown in popularity and attendance each year – everyone looks forward to the annual crab feast and luau and the new Paint Nights are a huge success. Giving kids something to do and making them feel like they have their own special activities is important too, and this is carried out with movie nights, craft days, Painting for Kids, ice cream socials, popcorn just for the heck of it and other special activities.

I would like to continue for another two-year term in the role as Socials Director so that I can take WCSC fun to an even higher level.

POSITION: Communications Director – One (1) Candidate

Shelli Stanley (Unopposed)

Hello WCSC Families!  My name is Shelli Stanley and I’m running for the position of Communications Director.  Our family has lived in Gambrills since 2005 and we’ve been members of the pool since 2010.  My daughter is on the dive team and my son works in the snack bar.  We’re very active at the pool and you can usually find one or all of us at WCSC events during the summer.

I worked for the Federal Government as an analyst for 12 years, resigning in 2013 to spend more time with my family.  I am currently a substitute teacher for AACPS and recently served as PTA President at Four Seasons Elementary.  I also volunteer for the Arundel High School music program, supporting the marching band and the AIMA Board of Directors.  I have experience managing Facebook pages, developed and built a website for FSES PTA, written monthly newsletters, and started a text-remind initiative to better communicate with FSES families that will be fully implemented next school year. My work and volunteer experience make me a well qualified candidate for Communications Director.  I look forward to serving WCSC as a member of the Board of Directors.

POSITION: Dive Team Representative – One Candidate

Kim Champagne (Incumbent and Unopposed)

I am Kim Champagne and I am happy to again run for the position of Dive Representative on the WCSC Board of Directors. I have been a member of the pool for 17 years and have been the WCSC Dive Rep for nine seasons. I have a passion for this great sport and love watching kids bloom into great divers. I’ve seen them start as little kids doing pencil dives and then blossom into young adults whose abilities never fail to amaze me. I’ve seen our team excel season after season. Under my leadership as the WCSC Dive Rep, our team has won seven back-to-back championships. I have a great relationship with the coaches that has been built over several years of working closely together to achieve great divers and amazing results as a winning team. I believe that our team’s success has also brought an interest to the sport in general in this area; I’ve been thanked by other pools and coaches for bringing so much positive attention to the sport.  

Each year, it is a coup to be selected as the pool to host the Dive Championships. Because of the flawless execution of the most recent Dive Championship hosted at WCSC, we have already been asked to be the host again for next year. This puts WCSC high in the ranks amongst pools with a dive program, and it helps us raise money for the next season since we can sell food and have a bake sale to raise funds. I go to many CMDL Dive League meetings to represent WCSC in the best way possible. Running the dive team takes a lot of time, work and coordination between communicating with other pools, the coaches and the divers, setting up the meets, attending the meetings – and I love doing it all.

Outside of the pool, I have been an office manager for Dr. Stephan Kurylas’ medical office for the past 10 years. My tenures and longevity at both my job and in my role as the WCSC Dive Rep prove my dedication and passion for doing things important to me.  The pool has even become a family affair for me – my daughter is also a dive coach and works at the front desk.

I am a team player, I’m dedicated and passionate about my work, family and the pool. I am not just on the Board of Directors, I’m active and frequent pool patron as well. I am not only present during dive events and I don’t disappear after dive season is over. I am at the pool almost every weekend, and serve as a very visible figure that members can turn to when there is an issue. I am willing to pitch in and help in all areas of the pool operations. I participate in and help the WCSC Socials Director with almost every event and activity the pool hosts. I give a lot of time and energy to the pool and I’m happy to do so – I am very dedicated to WCSC and my role as the Dive Representative.



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