Announcing Changes to BOD Lineup and Alcohol Policy

Announcing Changes to BOD Lineup and Alcohol Policy

Letter from WCSC President Frank Varrone

Dear Membership,

Welcome to the 2018 pool season! This letter is to inform you of some personnel changes on the Board of Directors and announce a major change to the Club’s alcohol policy.

First, I would like to inform the membership that Phelps Prescott has resigned his position as Vice President. At the May 7th Board Meeting, in accordance with the procedures established in the By-Laws, the Board of Directors selected Paul Walker as the new Vice President. His term as Vice President will end September 2019. Paul will continue to also serve as the Membership Director through August 2018, when that position will be filled at the regular election.

In another change to the Board composition, Meredith Long has decided to step down from her position as Socials Director, effective May 16, 2018. I ask that any member interested in serving in this position to please contact a member of the Board of Directors by May 31, 2018. Letters of Interest/Resumes may be submitted to the front desk or to any Board of Director in hard copy or email form (refer to the website for current emails). The person selected by the Board will serve this year and next, not facing re-election until August 2019.

If you would like to schedule a party, for the time being, please contact Candy Howerton at

Also due to current Anne Arundel County Liquor Board regulations, as of the day the pool opens on May 26, 2018, pool members and their guests will no longer be permitted to bring beer, wine or alcohol onto the pool premises. For special events, the Club will obtain a liquor license. This will allow us to sell beer and wine on the premises during planned events. The Member Handbook has been updated to reflect this change and is available for review on the Swim Club website. We understand that this is a big change to the Club’s operations, so we ask for patience and understanding from everyone as we work to implement this change. We will be having a cash bar available during certain times of the opening weekend. Stay tuned – details will be following soon.

Finally, starting in June, Paul and I will be accepting applications for the two positions on the new Audit Committee. I will be appointing the Audit Chair and Paul will be appointing the second pool member to the Committee. A financial background is one of the requirements for these positions, so we ask all those with the necessary expertise to consider applying for the new Audit Committee.

Let’s have a happy and safe pool season!
Thank you,

Frank Varrone