Pool Policy Reminders/Housekeeping and Helpful Information

We want the day to be fun for everyone, so please note the following tips to maximize everyone’s day at the pool!

Feel Free to BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair or Pop-Up Tent
The pool has a plentiful stock of chairs and loungers for patrons, but if you so choose, feel free to bring your own camping or lounge chair. You are also allowed to bring in pop-up tents, otherwise known as E-Z Ups – as long ass they don’t encumber the comfort or sun of other patrons. Pop-up tents are for grassy areas only.

Please Be Courteous to Other Pool Patrons

On crowded days, please maximize chair and lounger usage. Do not skip single loungers or chairs and do not leave towels on chairs or loungers that do not get used. Only reserve the chairs/loungers that you actually need. If towels or clothing is left on an unused chair or lounger for more than an hour, it will be moved to the lost and found by the restrooms to make chairs/loungers available for other guests. If you notice an empty but taken chair/lounger for an extensive period of time, please report it to a lifeguard. DO NOT remove other patrons’ belongings on your own – always report it to a lifeguard if action needs to be taken.

Please Help Keep the Pool Clean
Please be sure to throw away all trash and keep your area clean. If you use a picnic table or sit in the pavilion, please discard all trash into the proper receptacles – don’t forget to recycle cans and bottles!

Please Adhere to the NO BYOB Policy

Due to law changes in Anne Arundel County, it is now against the law to bring in your own alcoholic beverages. If you are reminded by a lifeguard of our policy, please be respectful; he/she is doing their job. The Tiki Bar will be set up during special times of the day tomorrow where patrons can purchase beer and/or wine; WCSC obtained the proper liquor license for the weekend. However, anyone caught with an alcoholic beverage not purchased at the Tiki Bar could risk temporary suspension of their membership.

Check with Front Desk Before Setting Up in a Party Area

If you do not already have an official party scheduled or a prior reservation, before setting up camp in a party area, please check with the front desk. You will be asked to leave and clean up your area if a party is scheduled for that space.