Fire Truck Santa Visits WCSC – Sirens Blazing

Fire Truck Santa Visits WCSC - Sirens Blazing

Fire Truck Santa came into the pool parking lot, sirens all ablaze,
the kids clapped and cheered, their eyes filled with wonder and amaze.

Santa high-fived all the kids, the lot became filled with joy and cheer,
everyone was happy that at last, Fire Truck Santa was here.

Duvall’s Produce served cookies and hot apple cider,
Mrs. Claus took her seat, Fire Truck Santa sat down beside her.

Santa put smiles on the faces of children in our neighborhood,
the kids wanted toys for Christmas, they promised they had been good.

The kids came and talked to Santa, they approached one by one,
this annual tradition at Waugh Chapel Swim Club is always a lot of fun.

Some kids told Santa they wanted video games or maybe a new ball,
and some asked for a new bicycle and some an American Girl doll.

Every child was able to tell Santa what their little heart desired,
then he and the elves had to go back to the Odenton Fire House,
in case there was a fire.

After listening to every child share what was on their wish list,
he jumped back on the fire truck and was off with a swish!

Thank you Odenton Volunteer Fire Company for making this a much-anticipated event for our children every year!  You help make the holidays special for the entire neighborhood!

Photo Gallery – Highlights of Fire Truck Santa’s Visit