For Non-Members – How to Join WCSC

We are so proud to have such an awesome pool and swim club, but it has become so popular, memberships are hard to come by. Members are holding onto them, and the pool has been sold out permanent memberships for the past four-five pool seasons. Below is information that may help anyone seeking to buy a membership.

2019 Season Status:

  • There are no permanent memberships available.
  • There are no annual memberships available – we are completely sold out.
  • Any memberships that become available will only go to current annual members looking to become permanent members – no guarantees and only as opportunities arise.

Not a Member and Want to Join? 

At this time, there are no permanent memberships available to sell.  We have implemented a Membership Wait List. If you are interested in a membership and want to be added to the wait list, please contact Kathi Brandt at Persons on the wait list are offered an annual membership at the beginning of the season – first come, first served. Get on the list as early as possible because there is a limited number of annual memberships available; we can only offer them in groups at a time, so as to not oversell. If you become an annual member, there is a chance you can convert your membership to a permanent one as they become available – more information below.

Permanent Memberships Currently Sold Out

At this time, Permanent Memberships are not available. The Membership for WCSC is sold out – the only options available to become a member are to buy a membership from another member or become an annual member for one season – see “Buy It From Another Member” and “Annual Membership” information below.

Buy It From Another Member!

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing a membership, the pool strongly recommends contacting the Membership Director to verify the seller’s membership. Prices are determined by the Seller and negotiated between the Buyer and Seller (on own).  As a permanent member, you are entitled to all rights and privileges of the Club as defined in the Waugh Chapel Swim Club Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, rules and regulations.  The annual maintenance fee for that membership must be paid for the current pool season and can be paid for by either the Buyer or Seller.  Following the transfer of the membership, your membership must be maintained each year by paying the dues renewal fee (fees to be determined each year by the WCSC BOD).  Permanent memberships are transferable (see below).

Be Added to the Waitlist for a WCSC Annual Membership

There are a limited number of Annual Memberships available each season (as determined by the WCSC BOD).  Annual memberships will be offered in the order in which they were requested. Contact Kathi Brandt at to see if any annual memberships are available.

How Annual Memberships work when they are available:  Instead of buying a permanent membership, if annual memberships are available, you can give WCSC a try for ONE SEASON by purchasing an Annual Membership for $700. This membership is a one-time-only opportunity and is not renewable for a second season. Annual members have full use of the facilities of the WCSC, both swimming and tennis, during the season. Annual members cannot vote at in the annual board elections and annual memberships are not transferable.  Annual memberships are never less than the maintenance fee for permanent members. By being on the annual membership list, the pool can provide opportunities to buy permanent memberships as opportunities come to our attention or if there are forfeitures due to non-payment of annual maintenance fees.

Definition of “Family” for Members

Before joining, we want you to know and be ready to adhere to WCSC’s definition of “family” to qualify for membership. If you join, we want you to be completely informed as to who and who does not qualify to be on your family waiver.

Family Waiver – All members, whether Permanent or Annual, must have a current membership waiver on file at the pool or they may not enter the facility. 

Example of Immediate Family Membership:

  • All persons related by marriage or first-generation relatives (son, daughter, step child, etc.) and permanently reside at the same address as the member.
  •  All persons who are legally dependent on the member and permanently reside at the same address as the member
  • All persons related by marriage or first-generation relatives who do not permanently reside at the same address as the member, but the member shares joint/partial custody
  • All persons that the member have legal custody/guardianship (proof of legal documents is required)

The following are not considered part of the immediate family/first generation:

  • Aunts, uncles, Sister in laws, Brother in laws, nieces, nephews
  • Relatives visiting for the summer
  • Renters or other occupants of household
  • Household employees
  • Divorced spouses who do not reside in the member’s house

Any exceptions or special cases should be directed to the Membership Director at least 30 days before the pool opening to be presented to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting. All decisions by the Board of Directors will be final.

Still have questions about Membership? Contact our Membership Director Kathi Brandt!  Email at