WCSC Board of Directors Positions Available 2019-2020



The Vice President duties and authorities shall include:

  • Shall serve as president and have all Presidential duties and authorizations in the absence of the President.
  • Shall execute such duties as determined by the President and/or
  • Board of Directors.
  • Serve as liaison between WCSC, Inc. and all insurance companies
  • and their holding policies covering WCSC, Inc.
  • Assists President with oversight of pool management company and lifeguards.


The Dive Team Representative duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as the representative of the WCSC Corporation in charge of all dive team activities, including service as WCSC representative to associated dive league.
  • Determine the dive team budget, with Board approval.
  • Advocate for the dive team by making the Board aware of improvements needed or desired.
  • Work jointly with the President and Vice-President to present to the BOD recommendations on all aspects (hiring, firing, discipline) of employment of dive team coaches.
  • Communicate and liaise between the dive team coaches, parents, pool members, and the Board.
  • Communicate all hours that the pool needs to be available for dive team activities with the Board and membership.


The Socials Director duties and authorities shall include:

  • Initiate, plan, and schedule social activities for the WCSC for the purpose of family participation and social well-being.
  • Recruit volunteers to assist in social activities.
  • Responsible for maintaining and taking reservations for all guest parties (i.e. birthday, sports, adult, graduation, etc.).
  • Work closely with Communications Director to ensure all activities are posted on the marquee and website.
  • Organize the membership and election dinner.
  • Create and submit annual budget proposal to the BOD.


Communications Director duties and authorities shall include:

  • Work closely with the BOD to ensure there are proper communications between the BOD and membership including, but not limited to, maintaining the WCSC website, updating marquee weekly, posting signage in the front entrance of the pool and sending electronic and USPS mail.
  • Maintain WCSC social media accounts.
  • Act as liaison between the WCSC internet host and phone service provider.



The Facilities Director II duties and authorities shall include:

  • Responsible for coordinating the opening and closing of the WCSC grounds, including fall and spring cleanup.
  • Research and make proposals to the BOD regarding repair, improvements, recommendations, and cleanup to facilities, equipment, and grounds as necessary.
  • Obtain bids on and/or arrange for repairs, improvements, and cleanup as necessary for the facility.
  • Coordinate and supervise all work being done by contractors at the facility.
  • Arrange for locks to be re-keyed on an as-needed basis seasonally if determined necessary due to lost, stolen, or unaccountable keys from prior years.
  • Arrange for purchases of new furniture to replace worn and/or damaged items.
  • Create and submit annual budget proposal to the BOD.
  • Perform monthly safety checks/inspections of all equipment used by the membership. Inspection should include a visual assessment to ensure there are no malfunctioning or broken parts, sharp edges, loose fasteners, etc.


The Secretary duties and authorities shall include:

  • Handle all WCSC mailings to the general membership.
  • Collect, log, scan and distribute, as appropriate, all pool mail in a timely manner.
  • Take meeting minutes at all meetings of the BOD and of the meetings of the membership of the Corporation.
  • Distribute minutes to all officers within two (2) weeks following a meeting.
  • Provide the President with a list of open issues, as needed.
  • Ensure the list of candidates for elected offices are members in good standing and shall ensure that the names of the candidates are published with the annual meeting notice.




Treasurer duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as primary contact with the bank regarding accounts, loans, lines of credit, and other matters.
  • Conduct routine financial transactions necessary for the continuing operation of the corporation.
  • Serve as primary contact with the accountant to ensure all Federal and State filings are conducted in a timely manner.
  • Work with the BOD to formulate the annual budget and present a draft budget for approval by the BOD in January of each year.
  • Prepare a monthly Treasurer Report package to be reviewed by the BOD. Treasurer Report package includes:  Treasurer Report, bank statements, reconciliation reports, balance sheet, and updated Profit & Loss Statement with actuals. Treasurer Report will be signed by the President or Vice President.
  • Reconcile all bank accounts monthly.
  • Maintain custody of the WCSC checkbook, and prepare all checks for signature, as needed.
  • Provide cash count and safe deposit training to all employees. Coordinate cash counts on an as-needed basis, usually once per week. Cash counts will be performed by the Treasurer and another member of the BOD. Cash count sheets will be signed by both counters and filed with the coordinating bank deposit slip.
  • Deposit all funds received during the pool season in the WCSC operating account.
  • Prepare bi-weekly payroll for all pool employees.
  • Record all transactions in the WCSC financial software.
  • Prepare monthly sales tax return and quarterly payroll tax deposits.
  • Maintain custody of all funds, securities, valuable papers, and other assets of the corporation, subject to such limitations and contract as may be imposed by the BOD.