WCSC Announces 2019 BOD Nominees

BOD Elections are coming up! Elections will be held during the Annual Membership Dinner on August 24 – Dinner takes place 4:00 – 7:00 pm; catering by Expressway Pit Beef. Elections will be held 4:00 – 6:00 pm – be sure to get your vote in, voting cuts off precisely at 6:00 pm.

The following individuals turned in nomination forms for available positions on the WCSC Board of Directors.

Position: Secretary
Applicant: Michelle Colin (Incumbent)

Hello! My name is Michelle Colin and I would like to nominate myself for the position of Secretary. While I currently hold this position with the Waugh Chapel Pool, I would hope that the membership will allow me to continue in this position.

I am new to the Board of Directors this year and I have learned a lot about what it takes to run a pool.

I currently work for the Maryland State Department of Transportation, Maryland Aviation Administration in the Human Resources department. I have been in Human Resource for over half my life (no I won’t tell you how many years), and enjoy interacting with all types of people and backgrounds. Before going back to work, I was a stay at home for seven years. While at home, I was the Membership chair for the Waugh Chapel Elementary School.


Position: Facilities Director
Applicant: Dave Mogel (Incumbent)

My family has been pool member for the last 11 years and both my kids are on the swim team. I joined the pool board to help make our pool better and through the changes this year and the ones coming, I hope that we will see that I have contributed to that change and re-elect me as Secretary.

My name is David Mogel and I am the one of the two current Facilities Directors. I have been in this position for nine years now, and I have been a part of the amazing changes and improvements that have been made over the last several years. I was a part of the planning and execution of the tennis/basketball court renovations, the building of the Esposito pavilion and helped oversee the parking lot improvements this past year.

Over the years, I have enjoyed watching families come to the pool and grow up. I have two (2) children of my own who have also grown up at the pool; they were on the Dive Team for several years. Please vote for me on election day so I can continue to make improvements to our beautiful pool.


Position: Dive Representative
Applicant: Paul Walker (Incumbent)

Private Organization Service:

  • Vice President, Waugh Chapel Swim Club (1.5 years; .5 years concurrent with Membership)
  • Chair, Audit Committee, Waugh Chapel Swim Club, 2018
  • Membership Director, Waugh Chapel Swim Club (4 years)
  • President, Jacksonville (Florida) Track Club (2 years)
  • Board Member and Secretary, Tidewater Striders (4 years)


  • Coach, GORC Baseball (2013-19)
  • Coach, Arundel Soccer Association (2012-13)

Professional Training:

  • Lawyer; Retired Naval Officer

Personal Statement:

My children have been part of the Dive Team for the last four years. I am a certified referee and judge for the Central Maryland Dive League and I have been very active in those positions for the last two years. As a current Board member, I am very familiar with the requirements of the Dive Director position and look forward to keeping the Seadog undefeated streak going.

The end of 2017 and all of 2018 was a trying time for all of us on the Board. As the Chair of the Audit Committee, I had a front-row seat to uncovering all the malfeasance that occurred, as well as being a subject of the selfish, self-aggrandizing behavior of former members who want nothing more than to tear down the Board and harm the Swim Club. As you look around the list of bios for positions, you likely see no nominations in place for some open positions. What I have realized is that the quickest way for the Swim Club to implode is not the theft by former Board members or the idiocy of MMM, but a lack of people with the desire and willingness to step up and lead this Club. We have a Board of 12 designated members, that has only had 11 for a substantial period and may have as few as 8 after this election cycle. That could cause degradation in pool services and functions. Any less than 8 WILL cause a degradation in your WCSC experience. I would encourage all of you reading this “bio” to consider running for a Board position or applying to the Board for a vacant one…we need your help!