Letter from the President

Dear Members of the Waugh Chapel Swim Club,

I wanted to take a minute to send a quick letter to the entire membership expressing our thanks and appreciation for a successful 2019 season.  I also wanted to thank everyone for their patience and understanding this year as we were able to work through some of the issues and incidents that may have occurred. 

We have a lot of dedicated folks on the Board of Directors who volunteer their time to be able to provide the membership with an enjoyable experience every time you are there.  In order for any organization to improve and get better, feedback, whether positive or negative, is a valued contribution.  I would like to ask everyone to take a few minutes and let me know what we did well this year and what you think we need to work on.  What did you like about this past year and what did you not like?  What do you think we could have done differently?  Do you have any suggestions for the 2020 pool season?  This will help us in the off season to possibly make changes that will positively affect the membership next year and for years to come.  Please send all responses to President@WCSwimclub.org.

We are still in need of some volunteers for vacant Board positions.  We are in need of a Vice President, Socials Director, and Communications Director.  The list of duties and responsibilities can be found in the By-Laws.  If anyone is interested, please send me an email and list any relevant experience so we can discuss and invite you to meet with the Board; please send by Oct. 7.  Unfortunately, if no one shows an interest in certain positions such as the Socials Director, we will be unable to provide the membership with the same amount of events and activities that you may have become accustomed to over the years.  We will no longer have opening weekend activities, decorations, events such as the Crab Feast, Hawaiian Luau, etc.  We will operate like a traditional pool and always provide excellent customer service from our lifeguards, front desk and snack bar staff, but we will not be able to provide activities above and beyond that if we continue to receive no interest in the available Board positions.

I hope everyone enjoyed this past year.  We are excited for the upcoming improvements we are planning in the off season and can’t wait to see everyone next pool season.
Thank you,

Craig Bouchard
WCSC President