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Descriptions for Available Positions on the WCSC BOD – 2016-2017

Board of Directors Positions Available 2016


The Presidential duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as Chief Administrative Office of Corporation.
  • Preside at all Board of Directors, General Membership, and Annual Membership meetings.
  • Designate all committee chairpersons and appoint any special committees.
  • Sign all documents as directed by the Board.
  • Maintain or designate a representative to maintain or liaison with any contracted services.
  • Serve as the Chairperson of the Management Committee and member Ex-Officio of all committees.
  • Spend appropriated funds within the proper budget category.
  • Make emergency changes to the rules.
  • Make a part of the permanent record of the club, as soon as possible after the fact, any action taken under Presidential authorization.



Membership duties and authorities shall include:

  • Follow the By-Laws when dealing with membership issues.
  • Sending out invoices for yearly maintenance fees to all members.
  • Receiving all mail pertaining to membership and processing as appropriate.
  • Keep membership records up to date.
  • Make deposits of all payments regarding membership.
  • Sending proper notification to members of forfeitures per the bylaws.
  • Handle all membership inquiries.
  • Maintain appropriate amount of permanent memberships per the bylaws.
  • Checking the membership email box and responding to membership inquiries.
  • Keep the web site up to date with membership information. Bring any issues up to the Board of Directors as necessary.


Facilities duties and authorities shall include:

  • Present repair, improvements recommendations and cleanup proposals to the BOD for approval.
  • Obtain bids on and/or arrange for repairs, improvements and cleanup as necessary for the facility.
  • Coordinate all work being done by contractors at the facility.
  • Arrange for locks to be re-keyed on an as-needed basis seasonally if determined necessary due to lost, stolen or unaccountable keys from prior years.
  • Arrange for purchase of new furniture to replace worn and/or damaged items.
  • Make and submit yearly budget proposal to the BOD.



The Swim Team Representative duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as the representative of the WCSC Corporation in charge of all swim team activities.
  • Determine the swim team budget, with Board approval.
  • Advocate for the swim team by making the Board aware improvements needed or desired.
  • Hire swim coaches.
  • Communicate and liaison between the swim team coaches, parents, pool members and the Board.
  • Communicate all hours that the pool needs to be available, for swim team activities, with the Board and membership.
  • Oversee all swim team committees and report back to the Board of Directors with minutes from the committee Meetings.




Treasurer duties and authorities shall include:

  • Primary contact with bank regarding accounts, loans, lines of credit and other matters.
  • Primary contact with accountant to ensure all Federal and State filing is done timely and accurately.
  • Work with other BOD to formulate annual budget and present draft budget for approval by the BOD.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements for approval by the BOD.
  • Reconcile all monthly bank statements.
  • Maintain custody of check book and prepare all checks for signature, as needed.
  • Pick up cash drawers from the front desk and snack bar at closing time, on a daily basis.
  • Deposit all funds received during the pool season in the WCSC operating account.
  • Prepare bi-weekly payroll for all pool employees.
  • Record all transactions in the WCSC financial software.
  • Maintain and manage all financial records of the WCSC.
  • Prepare monthly sales tax return and quarterly payroll tax deposits.



At-Large duties and authorities shall include:

  • Oversee the running of the snack bar and the front desk.
  • Oversee the manager hired to manage both the snack bar and the front desk.
  • Coordinate with the Membership Board Director to ensure records are accurately kept on member’s payments for dues
  • Communicate with all staff hired for the front desk and snack bar during the pool season.



  • Secretary duties and authorities shall include:
  • Arrange regular meeting time for the BOD; communicate to the Board and send reminders of upcoming BOD meetings, and notify board of any “emergency” meetings as requested by the President.
  • Take Minutes at every BOD Meeting.
  • Send Minutes of BOD Meetings to Members for approval of Minutes.
  • Send approved minutes to Communications Director to post to the website.
  • Pick up, date and record all mail received by the Waugh Chapel Swim Club at the designated Post Office box.
  • Distribute mail and correspondence with respective Board members.
  • Coordinate the communication of and applications received for the annual elections with the Communications Director, adhering to deadlines set forth in the By-Laws.
  • Manage distribution and collection of ballots of the annual election.
  • Maintain copies of the SOP’s – the pool’s Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Maintain and update the Official WCSC Handbook, coordinating with the Communications Director for it to be posted on the WCSC website.

Operating Season

Open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, weather permitting. Sometimes we stay open for one extra weekend – but not during the week following Labor Day. No guarantees though! Each summer that can change.

Regular Summer Hours:

Sun – Thurs 11:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Fri – Sat 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Swim | Dive | Tennis | Fun

WCSC boasts championship teams for both swim and dive.  We encourage you to get your kids involved – registration occurs at the start of every summer. We also have great basketball and tennis courts.

How to Find/Contact Us:

Waugh Chapel Swim Club

Physical Address:
854 Waugh Chapel Road
Gambrills, MD 20154

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 212
Gambrills, MD 21054

Phone: 410-672-5089
(Phone checked during summer months only)

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