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Descriptions for Available Positions on the WCSC BOD – 2016-2017

Board of Directors Positions Available 2016


The Presidential duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as Chief Administrative Office of Corporation.
  • Preside at all Board of Directors, General Membership, and Annual Membership meetings.
  • Designate all committee chairpersons and appoint any special committees.
  • Sign all documents as directed by the Board.
  • Maintain or designate a representative to maintain or liaison with any contracted services.
  • Serve as the Chairperson of the Management Committee and member Ex-Officio of all committees.
  • Spend appropriated funds within the proper budget category.
  • Make emergency changes to the rules.
  • Make a part of the permanent record of the club, as soon as possible after the fact, any action taken under Presidential authorization.



Membership duties and authorities shall include:

  • Follow the By-Laws when dealing with membership issues.
  • Sending out invoices for yearly maintenance fees to all members.
  • Receiving all mail pertaining to membership and processing as appropriate.
  • Keep membership records up to date.
  • Make deposits of all payments regarding membership.
  • Sending proper notification to members of forfeitures per the bylaws.
  • Handle all membership inquiries.
  • Maintain appropriate amount of permanent memberships per the bylaws.
  • Checking the membership email box and responding to membership inquiries.
  • Keep the web site up to date with membership information. Bring any issues up to the Board of Directors as necessary.


Facilities duties and authorities shall include:

  • Present repair, improvements recommendations and cleanup proposals to the BOD for approval.
  • Obtain bids on and/or arrange for repairs, improvements and cleanup as necessary for the facility.
  • Coordinate all work being done by contractors at the facility.
  • Arrange for locks to be re-keyed on an as-needed basis seasonally if determined necessary due to lost, stolen or unaccountable keys from prior years.
  • Arrange for purchase of new furniture to replace worn and/or damaged items.
  • Make and submit yearly budget proposal to the BOD.



The Swim Team Representative duties and authorities shall include:

  • Serve as the representative of the WCSC Corporation in charge of all swim team activities.
  • Determine the swim team budget, with Board approval.
  • Advocate for the swim team by making the Board aware improvements needed or desired.
  • Hire swim coaches.
  • Communicate and liaison between the swim team coaches, parents, pool members and the Board.
  • Communicate all hours that the pool needs to be available, for swim team activities, with the Board and membership.
  • Oversee all swim team committees and report back to the Board of Directors with minutes from the committee Meetings.




Treasurer duties and authorities shall include:

  • Primary contact with bank regarding accounts, loans, lines of credit and other matters.
  • Primary contact with accountant to ensure all Federal and State filing is done timely and accurately.
  • Work with other BOD to formulate annual budget and present draft budget for approval by the BOD.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements for approval by the BOD.
  • Reconcile all monthly bank statements.
  • Maintain custody of check book and prepare all checks for signature, as needed.
  • Pick up cash drawers from the front desk and snack bar at closing time, on a daily basis.
  • Deposit all funds received during the pool season in the WCSC operating account.
  • Prepare bi-weekly payroll for all pool employees.
  • Record all transactions in the WCSC financial software.
  • Maintain and manage all financial records of the WCSC.
  • Prepare monthly sales tax return and quarterly payroll tax deposits.



At-Large duties and authorities shall include:

  • Oversee the running of the snack bar and the front desk.
  • Oversee the manager hired to manage both the snack bar and the front desk.
  • Coordinate with the Membership Board Director to ensure records are accurately kept on member’s payments for dues
  • Communicate with all staff hired for the front desk and snack bar during the pool season.



  • Secretary duties and authorities shall include:
  • Arrange regular meeting time for the BOD; communicate to the Board and send reminders of upcoming BOD meetings, and notify board of any “emergency” meetings as requested by the President.
  • Take Minutes at every BOD Meeting.
  • Send Minutes of BOD Meetings to Members for approval of Minutes.
  • Send approved minutes to Communications Director to post to the website.
  • Pick up, date and record all mail received by the Waugh Chapel Swim Club at the designated Post Office box.
  • Distribute mail and correspondence with respective Board members.
  • Coordinate the communication of and applications received for the annual elections with the Communications Director, adhering to deadlines set forth in the By-Laws.
  • Manage distribution and collection of ballots of the annual election.
  • Maintain copies of the SOP’s – the pool’s Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Maintain and update the Official WCSC Handbook, coordinating with the Communications Director for it to be posted on the WCSC website.

Regular Summer Hours:

Open every day at 11:30 AM
Sunday – Thursday til 8:30 PM
Friday – Saturday til 9:00 PM

Operating Season

Open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, weather permitting.

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