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We are so proud to have such an awesome pool and swim club, but it has become so popular, memberships are hard to come by! Members are holding onto them, and the pool has been sold out permanent memberships for the past three pool seasons. Good problem to have, right? More information on how to you can become an annual member and possibly a permanent member is below.

WCSC Renewal Fee Information – Applicable to Every Pool Season

Note to Members About Your Annual Dues Renewal Fee:  Every member is responsible to renew their membership each year by paying the annual renewal fee (otherwise known as the “annual maintenance fee”).  These fees pay for the pool operations all year long.   If renewal fees are not paid by July 1 of each pool season, your membership will be subject to forfeiture and at risk of becoming property of the Waugh Chapel Swim Club. Members CANNOT “skip” a summer because of personal issues or lack of attendance – if you don’t pay your renewal fees, your membership will be revoked, period. We never want to lose any of our members so please be sure to pay your pool membership renewal!

WCSC Annual Renewal Fee (Annual Maintenance Fee): $550.00 – due by April 15 of each year

  • Early-Bird Discount Price: Pay by March 1 (postmarked!) and receive a five percent discount (5%) for a total payment of $522.50.
  • Multiple payments – if you choose to pay in installments, coordinate with the Membership Director, Kathi Brandt.
  • LATE FEE SCHEDULE: Payments received after April 15 will be assessed a $25 late fee; payments received on or after the date the pool opens will be assessed a $50 late fee; and payments received after May 15 will be assessed a $75 late fee.
  • Your membership MUST be paid in full by opening the weekend beginning May 25 to get into the pool.
  • If your payment is not received by July 1, you risk forfeiture. Failure to pay the annual renewal fee means you will lose your membership! Contact the Membership Director, Kathi Brandt, if you need to discuss any special circumstances.

How Do I Pay?  

  • Check payments: If paying by check, you do not need to send a remittance form or a note if your check matches the name on your membership. If you are uncertain whether your check matches the name on your membership, or if you have family members that have the same last name that is also WCSC members, please include a note with the full names of all adults on the membership to ensure the proper family is credited with the payment. Send checks to WCSC, P.O. Box 212, Gambrills, MD 21054. If you want to include your membership number on your payment and do not know it, email Kathi Brandt at
  • Credit card payments: If paying by credit card, you can pay online using Self-Service.  Members will not be charged a service fee. If you did not receive an email to access our new EZ Facility system, email Kathi Brandt at to have an invitation to register for EZ Facility resent to you (via email – be sure to check your spam).  You can no longer send in a remittance form with your credit card information – you must make your payment online due to new credit card security standards.

Annual Fees are subject to change – you will be informed in advance of each pool season.

Not a Member and Want to Join? 

At this time, there are no permanent memberships available to sell.  We have implemented a Membership Waitlist. If you are interested in a membership and want to be added to the waitlist, please contact Kathi Brandt at Persons on the waitlist are offered an annual membership at the beginning of the season – first-come, first-served. Get on the list as early as possible because there is a limited number of annual memberships available; we can only offer them in groups at a time, so as to not oversell. If you become an annual member, there is a chance you can convert your membership to a permanent one as they become available – for more information on how to join in the future, click here.

2020 Season Status:

  • There are no permanent memberships available.
  • Annual membership offers will be made to those on the waitlist in the order in which the requests were submitted; We work down the list with offers until all annual memberships are sold out.
  • Any memberships that become available will only go to current annual members looking to become permanent members – no guarantees and only as opportunities arise.

Annual Members Looking to Become Permanent Members:

Sometimes, as memberships become available either by forfeiture by current members or a permanent member seeks the help of the Membership Director to sell their membership, the pool makes it available to annual members – on a first-come, first-served basis. We work down the list with offers and the first annual member to accept the offer of the permanent member, gets it.

Unfortunately, the pool has fewer forfeitures each year, and more and more members are using other means to sell their membership, therefore the WCSC cannot guarantee that we can offer an opportunity to convert your membership from an annual to a permanent membership the following season. Therefore, an annual membership is only for the season for which it is purchased with no guaranteed offer to convert your membership the following season.

Already a Member?

Want to Sell Your Membership?

If you are trying to sell your Pool Membership, contact Kathi Brandt at She can forward your information to annual members who would like to convert their membership to a permanent one. Provide your name, membership number, phone number, email address and price you are asking to sell your membership. WCSC does NOT buy back memberships. WCSC also does not serve as a broker to sell your membership; we simply connect sellers with interested parties. Other options would be to use Facebook, Craig’s List or Penny Saver ads. The pool no longer has a message board on its website.

Need a Transfer Agreement?

To request a Transfer of Membership Agreement, contact   Once your membership has been verified that it is good standing, one will be emailed to you.  One copy of the agreement must be given to the purchaser.  A second copy is to be mailed to WCSC | P.O. Box 212 | Gambrills, MD 21054 along with (a) Original Membership Certificate (if possible, but not necessary) AND (b) a check made payable to WCSC for the $50.00 transfer fee. New members will receive a confirmation via email and be billed for the annual renewal fee (maintenance fee) bill once the transfer has been approved by the WCSC Membership Chair.  The annual maintenance fee must be paid for that membership number for the current pool season and can be paid by either the buyer or the seller.

What Constitutes a “Family” Under Your Membership?

Family Waiver – All members, whether Permanent or Annual, must have a current membership waiver on file at the pool or they may not enter the facility. 

Example of Immediate Family Membership:

  • All persons related by marriage or first-generation relatives (son, daughter, step child, etc.) and permanently reside at the same address as the member.
  •  All persons who are legally dependent on the member and permanently reside at the same address as the member
  • All persons related by marriage or first-generation relatives who do not permanently reside at the same address as the member, but the member shares joint/partial custody
  • All persons that the member has legal custody/guardianship (proof of legal documents is required)

The following are not considered part of the immediate family/first generation:

  • Aunts, uncles, Sisters-in-law, Brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews
  • Relatives visiting for the summer
  • Renters or other occupants of the household
  • Household employees
  • Divorced spouses who do not reside in the member’s house

Any exceptions or special cases should be directed to the Membership Director at least 30 days before the pool opening to be presented to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting. All decisions by the Board of Directors will be final.

Still have questions about Membership? Contact our Membership Director Kathi Brandt!  Email at