We will make an announcement to the membership and send a link to our online party reservation portal – new to WCSC!  All inquiries can be directed to

NOTE: You MUST be a member of WCSC to reserve a party. 


About WCSC Parties:

Book your birthday party or social event at the Waugh Chapel Swim Club! It’s the best deal around!

Party reservation includes your own party area with picnic tables and grills, access to our competition-size swimming pool with diving boards and slides for all guests, not to mention fun fun fun!!!

Pool Party Rules:

    • The member hosting the party MUST be on site for the duration of the party.
    • Individual member’s parties have a 3 hour time limit-please leave your area when the time is up
      • Your three hour window of time includes party set up and clean up time. Due to parties scheduled prior to your scheduled reservation time, you may not have time to set up before your party start time. Your area must be thoroughly cleaned and vacated at the end of your scheduled time in the event of a party scheduled immediately following your party. Party areas must be cleaned and all guests vacated from the pool by 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights.
      • When your party party reservation period is over, you MUST vacate the party area to make room for the next party. Exception: if no party is booked after yours, you may remain in the party area for a fee of $25/hour. Check with the front desk for availability.
    • Party Space Reservation Fees are as follows:
      • Pavilion Party Rental: $200 (Includes grill)
      • Grassy Area and Baby Pool Party Area Site Rental (While we need to know the total number of guests attending your party, including WCSC members, WCSC members will NOT be counted in calculating the price of your party) –
        • *Up to 15 Party Guests: $50
        • *16 to 30 Party Guests: $75
        • *31 to 50 Party Guests: $125
    • The party time slots* are as follows:
      • *noon to 3pm
      • *3pm to 6pm
      • * 5pm to 8pm (Monday thru Thursday)
      • *6pm to 9pm (Friday & Saturday)
        * Social Director has authority to adjust party hours as needed on a case-by-case basis to accommodate party groups.
    • Decorations may only be put up around your party area or within the Pavilion if renting the Pavilion.
    • No confetti of any sort may be used.
    • The member must make all guests aware of the rules.
    • The area must be cleaned up and all trash needs to be placed in the trash bags, which will be provided when you enter for the party. Please place the filled trash bags and pizza boxes in the dumpster. The member will be assessed a clean-up fee of $50 if this is not complete.
    • Maximum of 3 tables in the area selected if in a Grass Area Site.
    • A list of all attendees must be given to the front desk prior to the start of the party. Guests will NOT be allowed to enter until the gate attendant has the list. Also, see information below about consent forms**.
    • Children 3 and up AND potty trained (must meet both criteria) are allowed in the main pool; please remember this when planning a party.
    • Swim diapers are the only kind of diapers allowed in the baby pool.
    • All parties must be booked through; confirmation via email will be sent to you upon booking the party. A party cannot be booked with the front desk.
    • The dates and party areas are first-come, first-served basis.
    • There is absolutely NO EATING on the decks of the pools.
    • The member who booked the party is responsible for all guests attending.
    • Please remember to notify as soon as possible if you need to cancel your party. 
    • Party hosts must sign a Member Consent Form, and party guests must sign a Parent Consent Form – more information below**.

*Please remember: to ensure the safety of the members and guests, the rules need to be followed and explained to those attending the party.

** Member and Parent Consent:   If you are having a party, you must print and sign the Member Consent Form and have a parent/guardian of each child attending your party print and sign a Parent Consent Form.  These forms are required for all WCSC pool parties and will also be available at the front desk when you check in for your party.

Private Parties
If there are more than 50 guests in your party, you must book a private party. These parties are during the day & after hours; the pool will not close during normal hours for a private party. Private parties include access to all three party areas (grassy area); after hours parties are as follows: Sunday through Saturday from 9pm to midnight, pending schedule and lifeguard availability. The pool must guarantee lifeguard availability before the party can be confirmed.

After hours parties are:
$250.00 Party Fee to Waugh Chapel Swim Club
$20.00 Per Lifeguard Per Hour (number of Lifeguards depends on the number of guests you will have at your party)

Any member that would like to book a private party or for more information please contact

Booking a Party
If a member is interested in booking a party, contact A member cannot book a party with Front Desk or Snack Bar attendants, Lifeguards or the Pool Management Company, it must be reserved by contacting this email address.

Adult Beverages
Rules and Regulations
Due to current Anne Arundel County Liquor Board regulations, pool members and their guests are not permitted to bring beer, wine or alcohol onto the pool premises. The Member Handbook has been updated to reflect this change and is available for review on the Swim Club website.